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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Indulging in NYFW!

From the black classic cropped sweater,
to the pink flowing skirt, 
accompanied by that incredible RL black patent bag,
this is so me! (Ok, one side of me. But, still me.)
I tend to find what the spectators and guests wear to the shows
just as intriguing and desirable
as the new trends being presented.

Notice the highlighted area in the write up, below the photo!
I want to be wearing this to work, 
or a fashionable ladies luncheon, 
SOON, just as suggested!!! 
Yes, I DO!! 

Jessica Alba wearing Ralph Lauren  

After she caught the Ralph Lauren Spring 2014 showJessica Alba stepped out in a ballerina-inspired look by the designer. The actress started with a soft pink midi skirt that flowed beautifully, then added black pieces for a subversive feel. Up top she sported a black cropped sweater, on bottom ankle-strap sandals, and on her arm a ladylike patent bag — all by Ralph Lauren. She then added Jamie Wolf earrings and an EF Collection ring. Re-create this ensemble for work or better yet, a fashionable ladies lunch on the weekend. Shop similar pieces below to get started.

What has captured your eye from the NYFW shows? Are you like me, too many, and too much to share?


  1. Shelly dear-this is so gorgeous-and so you! You could pull this look off in a heartbeat (and it's pink!). The skirt reminds me of the hem of the dress I wore to my mom's wedding. This look is so feminine. I just linked to your blog on Stylemindchic as my first and faithful blog supporter (it's so true). You are a doll and love the fashion glimpse!
    xx, Heather

    1. Heather, it is gorgeous, and pink, isn't it? I was swooned when I first layed my eyes on it--every single item from head to toe!! And, I am honored to be linked as your first and faithful blog supporter! My part is easy!! xoxo

  2. This is stunning, I do love this look :)) I have a tulle skirt that I wear in this fashion as well and every time I wear it, I feel great. It's the perfect way to look dressed up without feeling your over done. You just look elegant and fun!! I hope you have a great weekend Xoxox

    1. Timbarika, I am not surprised that you have, and wear, a tull skirt! You are always dolled up! xoxo

  3. Shelly you're so right...this is a fabulous outfit, pretty and feminine with just the right amount of black to funky it up....Do you think this middle aged nurse could pull it off at work, haha....have a fantastic weekend my very stylish fashionista friend.

    1. Bron, you're too cute asking if you could pull this outfit off at work. I, too, was tickled when I read the suggestions to wear this gorgeous outfit to the office, or to a luncheon. I would love to be in the environment that was suited for this type of attire. xoxo