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Friday, October 4, 2013

Nothing You Haven't Already Seen.........

this just happens to be my version 
of fall inspiration 
for the season! 
Hope the images bring you 
warmth and excitement. 

Seriously, I must end 
with the infamous reminder...................


Happy Weekend! xo


  1. These are wonderful...I love October and all the autumn beauty!! The leaves changing colours and the air crisper!! Hot chocolates or apple cider & scary ghost stories :)) Wonderful. I hope you have a great weekend xoxo

    1. Timbarika, I'm right there with you! There's an air of creation in fall! So many changes, from the crisp air to warm colors abound, to help stir the imagination! xoxo

  2. Good morning Shelly dear,
    I'm getting back to my favorite blog reading today. Thanks for your sweet comments about my 'fierce' look of animal print and my surgery. All went very well and I'm feeling quite good today.
    As for your cozy fall scenes here I love it! These images speak of chill in the air, colorful leaves, something tasty in the crock pot and snuggling in with warm sweaters and socks. You thought of everything. Love the inspirations. I'm off to switch out my summer frocks for something a bit more cozy in the closet.
    Hope your weekend is gorgeous-just like you!
    xx, Heather
    PS-I would encourage you to join HIWM (the monthly fashion series). You are so stylish and lovely. I mean it-it's a challenge (I was very nervous on my first time to join) but it's really fun to see all the looks (and link with so many stylish blogs). Think about it my stylish friend! :)

    1. Heather, I am happy all went well with surgery. Phewh, thank God!

      I love slipping into something warm, and the anticipation of indulging in comfort food that's simmering all day, having made the aroma exceptionally wonderful when entering in the kitchen!

      Thank you for the encouragement to join HIWM. I'm not that confident, but will definitely work on it! xoxo

      Hoping your weekend is gorgeous, too, just like you. Sincerely!

  3. Loved all the images, especially the bike with all the scrumptious plaid coverlets...and, of course the popcorn with the candy corn in it...YUM! Happy Fall to All....

    1. Elisabella, I'm going to make that recipe come later October for a wine, hot chocolate, and bites, get together. Stand by, me dear...........! xo

  4. I do love Fall ... and your photos capture why.

    That last one -- so funny. My husband was at a store yesterday and saw Christmas trees being assembled. Ahh, it's not even Halloween! Should be a law against that.

  5. LOVE the pumpkins! NICE POST Shelly ( :