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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Mid Century Modern Muses

        Vintage beauties,

 with  the classic big eyed, pouty lipped pose,

  made these prints wildly popular in the 60s and 70s.

While better late than never, 
I discovered these iconic lovelies on The Paper Bag Princess.
And, like The Paper Bag Princess
I, too, fell in love with these

       Nadia by Igor Pantuhoff Big Eyed Girl Print

Enchanted by their innocent beauty,
and captivated by their soulful big eyes,
I am reminded of my teen years
in which my bedroom walls would have been
adorned with as many of these paintings 
that I could have gotten my hands on.
Each one would have stimulated dreaming of Paris,
 indulging in the beauty of the era,
and imitating the style sense of the lovely muse.
Countless hours would've been spent at my dressing table,
copying the hairstyles, and recreating my eyes to be as sultry,
and yet, as innocent, as theirs.
I, most likely, would have taken them with me to college. 
And, alas, they would have been a part of my home today.

Although the history, regarding the artist, is quite alluring,
I am more captured by the images of a beloved style era, 
and it's iconic muse. In each and every Igor Pantuhoff image, 
"the eyes have it".

Enjoy a virtual tour


  1. These are beautiful...love their eyes :)) I will have to go and take the virtual tour :)) Have a marvellous new week...I hope your Mother's Day was bliss xx

  2. Shelly....how lovely to see you've posted....hope you've been well and happy all this time. l've certainly missed popping in to read your insightful posts...Your series of pics are a beautiful reminder of years now past and a world that's changed a lot, l remember seeing similar prints on the walls of friends bedrooms of my youth:-)
    The eyes really do tell a story don't they...Hope you have a great week my friend.

  3. Shelly dear-first off, wishing you a Happy Mother's day this weekend my sweet friend. I know those boys are going to spoil you as they should. ;) These images are captivating. I don't know that I've seen this artist before and I'm intrigued. Recently I've been thinking about some art that my mom had above my bed as a young girl, prints of french girls I think. It's so fun to see this beautiful post and it makes me want to research and find those prints that I grew up with. I can just picture you with capturing the look and nuance of these beauties. If only we had gone abroad to school in Paris...that is one of my biggest regrets. Wonderful post Shelly! Happy Mother's day!
    xx, Heath