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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Bring Pretty Back and Pay Pretty Forward

It's a "Movement". 
A "Cause".
A Selfless Act.

This touched home for me.
I learned of Kristin's pledge to herself,
 to bring the pretty back into her life. 
There comes a time in a woman's life,
 when so much seems lost.
(read a short heartwarming description here)
Kristin learned that doing
at least, 1 thing,
1 pretty thing,
for herself
began a process of healing.
Like flowers blooming in Spring, 
the emptiness that the end of winter brings
can be replaced with new life.
Each pretty gesture to herself,
taught self love,
a gracious loving attitude,
the desire to continue to make herself
and her world feel pretty, again.
From placing fresh flowers on the table,
to a special cup to drink coffee,
to painting her nails,
every act of care to herself
began the journey of bringing pretty back.

This "act" of self love resonated with me.
I decided to be definite about the things 
I chose to make life feel pretty.

As I followed
 reading her very enlightening and entertaining book,
watching her live stream honest videos,
and making my list of "how to" bring pretty back to my life,
she started a "movement"
to, also,

Not only do we bring or do pretty things 
for ourselves,
we bring pretty back to someone else.

Now THIS is a movement I can get behind!!

Women loving  
the pretty back into each others lives.

I sincerely hope
you will follow 
Kristin Schmidt.