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Raising Sons.

“There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened and maintained.”   Winston Churchill

A Mother's Way

Besides motherly love and advice,
I am always searching for the most motivating and inspiring way, 
to encourage each of my sons.

I made each of them a short film-
each focusing on
 their personal journey, 
their personal needs, 
their personal prayer.

(photos via Paskho, Nautica, State of Art, Sperry, and personal.)

(photos via personal)

January 1 2012
Even at a poker table, surrounded by their cousins and uncles, they ban together. Thank God for brother bonding!!

June 19, 2011
The Great Equalizer? The oldest sent this picture, proud of himself, while setting up his apartment in New York (a while back), he was very pleased at his being able to use a "leveler" while hanging pictures and shelves! He sent this picture taken by his phone! I deemed it "like father, like son". Can the message be ANY clearer?

March 8, 2011
They are brave, adventurous, and loyal! They make the most of this God-given life!

March 8, 2011
They are "all boy". Thank God!

February 2011
Since we are all experiencing some type of snowy, or extreme weather, I'd thought I'd share a couple of snow skiing vacation pics!

December 2010

Yeh, we were there! Beautiful Austin, Texas, at the infamous Salt Lick! YUM!

After a great lunch, we headed over to Round Rock Donuts.
It's located in the historical business district. So quaint!

The look on his face says it all! The rest couldn't keep their eyes off of that donut! YUM! My family was eager to bite in to the famous large glaze (equivalent to a dozen donuts)!
The weather was glorious!
Oh yeh, we were there for a hockey tournament! Really! LOL!

November 2010

We are from the south, pure Texan. But, man do we love the game of hockey!
So, a family that plays together, scores goals together? Yes, and they have fun!

My three sons............thank you God!

September 2010

My youngest is practicing for his hockey season. He's using rollerblades and concrete until we get to the ice. I will have three hockey players at once.  We are hockey fans and season ticket holders to the Aeros. We have many fun nights with the hockey seasons, the team, and the fans.

Summer 2010

Though there is a huge age difference, they still remain very close. Their activities together are seemingly endless. This is just a tiny sample of the activities they do together. They love hockey, and were at a local tournament for their dad. They love super hero's and were coloring each of their favorites. They love to sit over a meal and talk, and if it's accompanied with a favorite show then that's even more special. In the last picture below, they were watching the original Power Rangers that happen to rerun on a Saturday morning.

They tease me about picture taking. But, I think I've finally convinced them of how much they will love being able to look back one day of all the good and goofy things they did together. I have pictures of the three of them from the birth of the last til present and I marvel at how their relationship has grown. They can be such a great group of guys. I thank God for them always. I stress the importance of brotherhood, however, I also stress the importance of separating the two when it comes to marriage. I feel it to be of utmost importance to teach that marriage is the most sacred relationship under God, their wives will come first. But, they must never let go of their love for one another as brothers. As brothers, they will learn to protect one another and the bond that each will grow with their own individual families one day.

They get a little embarrassed with me wanting to post about them, therefore I added the second page, to add my entries, so that they don't feel I am making them the "center of attention". It's ok, in my heart they are. xo