***Identifying 'lush'ousness everyday, everywhere!***


'LUSH'--Luscious--richly satisfying to the senses or the mind.

What's It All About?

Because 'LUSH' is in the eye of the beholder!

'LUSH' can be simple or over-the-top luxurious. It can be classic, vintage, glamorous, industrial, down-to-earth, organic, cultured, colorful, colorless, clean-lined, fresh, over-accentuated, earthy, extravagant, endless, timeless, futuristic, homemade, designer chic, one-of-a kind, cookie-cutter, unique, etc. 'LUSH' is passion. It's what makes you sing, and pulls on your heart strings.  You get the picture!

My blog is my creative and communicative outlet! I love home and fashion! I believe in the importance of the home. I believe in the expression of fashion, both home and personal. I believe our choices tell a story about us.  More importantly, I love 'LOVE'! I believe in 'LOVE'! Deep Heart-wrenching LOVE! 

If you consider my passion 
for home, fashion, and 'LOVE', 
you see my desire to balance 
what is important for the soul, 
and what's solely important! xo

So... what do I write about?
• Love (love/virtuous thought-provoking story)
• Obsessions (any/all things desired)
• Just Thinkin' (deep thoughts/current events)
• 'LUSH' Picks (shouldn't/wouldn't live without, gotta try, always in style, etc)
•  Sign off--ending the work week with a note
Daily Subjects may, Occasionally, be sustituted for a more "WOW" subject. 
  And, these days...there seems to be a lotta "WOWS"!

A Little More About Me!
I have sixteen years in marketing and sales as an executive with one of the most prestigious beauty and luxury product companies in the world.   When I decided to re-create myself and life, I left my executive position with notoriety in creating marketing and sales events that are still utilized today! Nevertheless, moving in to another career......my love of fashion, and  my love of home styles, the history of the homes, and the families connected to the homes, keeps me involved with the real estate market. However, as I lay the foundation for a new career,  I remain focused on family, home and fashion.

Shelly xo