***Identifying 'lush'ousness everyday, everywhere!***


'LUSH'--Luscious--richly satisfying to the senses or the mind.

What's It All About?

'LUSH' is a derivative of luscious.

'LUSH' can be simple or over-the-top luxurious. It can be classic, vintage, glamorous, industrial, down-to-earth, organic, cultured, colorful, colorless, clean-lined, fresh, over-accentuated, earthy, extravagant, endless, timeless, futuristic, homemade, designer chic, one-of-a kind, cookie-cutter, unique, etc. 'LUSH' is passion. It's what makes you sing, and pulls on your heart strings.  You get the picture!

My blog is my creative and communicative outlet! I love home and fashion! I believe in the importance of the home. I believe in the expression of fashion, both home and personal. I believe our choices tell a story about us.  More importantly, I love 'LOVE'! I believe in 'LOVE'! Deep Heart-wrenching LOVE! 

Shelly xo