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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Can Feel It!!

I can even smell it!
I can sense the onset of fall. 

The weather in Texas has a sense of humor.
We go months, of one type of extreme weather,
and then, just like that,
we experience the "teasers" leading in to the next season.
Today was definitely one of those days.

via tumblr

The excitement rises to feel that first blast of cool air.

Can't wait to welcome Fall, and all it's glory!

I'm looking forward to seeing what all of you lovely blogging friends share in regards to your seasonal decor and fashion choices, your shopping excursions, your adventurous travels, as well as, your lovely personal and family celebrations!! I'm as excited about this as I was as a little girl getting to look through the Sears Christmas catalog!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Inspired by Accountability.

“It is a picture of optimism and self-reliance—
pulling oneself up and all that…” 
- Alex Prager, W Magazine November 2012.

The photo and saying caught my attention.
It's a good thing.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Learning to Live Much Differently!

Stress Destroys!
No other way to state it.
I have been learning to live much differently.
Take things slower.
Accept less tasks.
Don't be afraid to take care of self!

Several blogger friends
 have asked the same questions
 in regards to being over-inundated
with the need to use the many tools
of social media. 
I, too, researched
 the "what", the "why", and the "how" 
to utilize
the "right" social media tools, 
so that our message is shared properly,
our businesses can grow,
and, yet,
 still be able to lead healthy personal lives.
 I found this explanation on the internet.

Everything within moderation.
Don't let the internet be the largest part of your day.
(I will be happy and delighted to hear others views. 
I am always eager to learn!!)

However, one question still eludes me
for the perfect answer--
should the host of the blog
reply to every comment of every post?
How should replying actually be handled, 
when the host is not certain that the commentor 
may not actually ever receive the reply?
I follow blogs in which the hosts does reply to each, 
and blogs in which the hosts do not.
Please help!!

Have a beautiful day!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's as if I Were Sitting Across the Table from You,

and we were sharing ideas,
 the latest news, 
or spontaneous thoughts-
-that's blogging for me!

I'm just being me. 

Let's get real!!

I love when my friends, or fellow bloggers, leave a comment. 

 let's take the pressure off-
-not every, or any, post of mine may inspire, entertain, educate, or touch you. 

That's o.k! 

I'm here for "the fun of it"--SERIOUSLY! 
 I'm here to be inspired. 
I'm here to share. 
I'm here to learn. 
I'm here because wonderful fellow bloggers encourage me and build my confidence to continue to share. 

I walk away with WAY more than I give.  

Thank you.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Hold Onto Your Health, It's a Beautiful Thing!

Over the past several months, I have been dealing with an incapacitating health issue. I kept pushing forward thinking I'd just get over whatever "it" was. However, pushing forward clearly was NOT a working remedy.

I have always been a very strong and healthy person-- physically, mentally, and spiritually. But, there is only so much stress a human can endure before something sends a signal that the limit may have been reached. 

Other than trips to doctors, I am continuing to completely revamp my so-called healthy diet. And, I've learned that rest does a body, and mind, good!

I apologize for not visiting you all consistently. Seems I'd have a false start on feeling good, and then, WHAM, down for the count again. Hopefully, taking things a bit slower, I'll be much more consistent!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Feel Good.

This weekend, 
whether you're inside,
 or outside, 
I hope where you are, 
what you are doing,
 and whom you are with, 
makes you feel good!!

Feel Good 
(Words make us feel good.)

Feel Good 
(Ambiance inside, gorgeous view outside--can't help but feel good.)

Feel Good.
(Be with those who make you feel good!)

Hoping you have a Feel Good weekend!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Remnants, and Crushes.

Remnants from Mother's Day--flowers,
that my husband actually arranged in this vase,
still thriving!

I'm crazy about this fabric.


And, I'm completely in love with this
door knocker, the door design and the color (of course)!!!


I'm in love.......I have a crush on these.

L'ICONA/Salvatore Ferragamo

Yes, I have a crush. They're so versatile!

They have a multitude of color choices to dress up, or dress casual, add classic glamour, or smart sex-appeal.  I WANT these!!

Just girl talk--sharing--coffee talk--that's all!

Hope your day is crush-filled!! xo

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Rest, Relaxation, and Refreshment is my wish!!

Hoping your day is wish fulfilled!! xo

Monday, March 25, 2013

Friday, March 22, 2013

One Color I Won't Use!

Yes, I love the color of the sun! I love sunshine! I will wear it! I will accessorize with it! But, you won't find yellow on my walls!

I love sunshiny days, just not sunshiny walls. Although this wallpaper (and probably many others) is very irresistible, it's just not me! But, I sure love it!! I admire those who love and decorate with every color, including yellow! It does bring sunshine into the home. It might be, for me, living in the south, we have plenty of sunny days, and scorching heat days, and there's no need for extra colors of the sun!! Nevertheless, I hope you have sunshine in your weekend days!! xo

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

A Royal Welcome!

I had my heart set on a particular chandelier but the price was just a bit more than I wanted needed to pay. It had the look of a jeweled crown! It was simply gorgeous, and I thought it would've been grand in my entrance. With a bit of time passing, and steady hunting, I found this for $20! The top ornamentation looks similar to a crown. I feel the same splendor for this crown jewel, as the one I originally passed up. Now my guests can feel royally welcomed!

The royal accompaniment of the crowned entrance fixture was
$10, but makes the hall ambiance feel like a million.

I don't know if I am brave enough (or if my husband would flip) but this entrance is seriously an inspiration for me! I love my chandelier as much as this particular one (plus, I don't have a 18ft ceiling clearance). I have the same front door design. And, the color of the walls is so joyous (swank, too) that I can't imagine guests wouldn't feel overwhelmingly happy (glamorous) when entering! Just thought I'd share. I wished the completed project was posted. I'm dying to see it in it's glory!

via Hollywood Forever, Kevin

I know my posts are a bit repetitive in content, but for me it's a journey and every addition, find, or accessory will be noted. It's a process that I am journaling. Thank you for sharing in it with me. xox

Happy day to all of you! xo

Friday, March 15, 2013

Honestly, I'm in Love!

It's spring. 
Birds are chirping. 
The aroma from my orange tree is heavenly! 
And, I am feeling quite content! 
Great start to the weekend!!

Have a wonderful weekend! xo

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Inspiration Right at Your Front Door!

Sometimes, what we are looking for is right in front of us! Nothing you haven't heard before, but worth repeating at least to myself.

Hoping you find what you are looking for, right at your front door (home)! xo