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Monday, March 15, 2010

A 'LUSH' Life

I really have A LUSH Life! (A Luscious Uniquely Styled Home Life!) Most people score lushness by an extravagant use of money and expensive material goods. I believe it has to do with all the things you hold passionately in your heart and feel there is an abundance of it in your daily living. For example, my yard is lush with trees, flowers and shade. It is home to happily tweeting birds, butterflies and honey bees. This is the lush givings of nature in Spring and what I hold very dear to my world.

There are so many other lushful things in my life and this blog will expel all that LUSH in my world as I continue to write.

The top LUSHness of my life are my three sons. I am sure most mothers (and some fathers) feel this way. To clarify, I do not believe my sons are perfect, only a perfect gift from God (and I take my role very seriously in raising them to be men of God and to institute a great capacity for love, respect, dignity, and faith. And so, as I raise them, I see all of this manifest in them. This is part of my accomplishments, and that in itself is LUSHLY rewarding.

I will continue on with my LUSH lists of accomplishments and treasures. How 'bout you? How LUSH is your life?