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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Adventure is in the Find

Here are a few of the treasures I have attained in my adventures of resale, garage sale and "just luck" hunts. I have many more, however, I wanted to share these. I don't know much in regards to the history of each, other than what I have written. If you have any insight or knowlege of my collection, please share.

I found this little girl in a junk shop. Her eyes stole my heart. I couldn't leave her behind. She came home with me.

The bride is by Besse Pease Gutman. I'm sure most of you have seen her work over the years. I was 11 years old (I'm fifty--do the math), riding my bike through the neighborhood, when I spotted a garage sale. I have loved garage sales and resale shops as long as I can remember. Immediately I spotted this bridal picture and this satin comforter. I asked the price, and hurried home to get my earned money from babysitting out of my piggy bank. I paid $20 dollars for the both. The comforter is so pLUSH and the picture is beautiful.

My sister and I frequented a little Sicilian eatery named "George's". His decor included walls covered in art, framed pictures, and framed personal pictures of himself and celebrities. One day I asked him if I could buy this painting of roses. After a few more visits, he gave it to me.

As for this little prince on the horse, my aunt gave him to me. She and her husband collected art. And, she was very fashionable, too. She's given me items that would make a vintage lover go weak in the knees. Thank you Aunt Theresa.