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Monday, April 26, 2010

It Is In Giving that We Receive!

I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower brunch for my precious neighbor.

It truly is in giving that we receive. I wanted her and her guests to feel very special. I was there to graciously serve. In return, I was blessed with acceptance, compliments I didn't expect, and joy! It was truly a blessed occasion!

Cake, cupcakes, buttercream mints.

And pineapple sherbert punch (served in wine glasses just for the "specialness" of doing it).

Mimosa's...........everyone enjoyed this drink! (Sorry forgot to picture the orange juice).

Coffee in vintage crystal cups.

Homemade quiche served with fresh cut fruits.
The morning was a delight!


  1. After I left my last comment I scrolled back down. I had missed this post. What a beautiful shower. I know the mom to be felt so special. Your food looks delicious. Beautiful cake and cupcakes.
    Love the peek into your kitchen. Makes me want to see more. I like it.
    ♥ Joy