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Friday, May 21, 2010

Finding 'LUSH'ness

Did any of you get to see the episode of Candace Olson's Divine Design, as she designed her first ever closet episode? Well, it's just the stuff dreams are made of. And, naturally, it caught my attention as she described her work using the word "lush". I included a quote from her in regards to the drapes she chose for this 'closet'!

"I designed a drapery system that framed both of these areas with three, columnlike panels of lush, exotic drapery."

OHHH, what a luscious transformation!

And then........ (if you really miss Domino Magazine)

Find a LUSH description of Paper City features editor, Laurann Claridge's apartment in Lonny Magazine. Take a look at her luscious taste.

That Lush Lonny

Go online this month to see the stylish Houston high-rise apartment of PaperCity features editor Laurann Claridge, designed in her signature swirl of grays and creams — luscious. It’s been shot for the new online mag lonnymag.com, which was created by the talented editors of the shuttered Domino.