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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Midweek!

Happy midweek! Looking at this photo makes me want to celebrate! Just something about a YUMMY cupcake and something SPARKLING! Celebrate!

Saw this midcentury jewel on Craigslist. OOHHH, I just wish. I have visions. Sooo sophiscated and stylish, oozing with hollywood glamour. It's on my list.

I love this saying. Although one of my favorite things to say is "it's perfectly imperfect". I've heard it said backwards, too--"it's imperfectly perfect"--but I like the first way better. There is imperfection in EVERYTHING and that's sooo OK.

I can't wait to read this book by Ree Drummond of Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I wanted it for Christmas but had to wait. Her life is just one part of my dreams for my own life. I am multi-faceted. I was reared to handle hardwork of any kind, but I love glamour and high heels too.