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Monday, February 14, 2011

Ain't Nothin Like the Real Thing Baby!"

Happy Valentine's Day! Happy Love Day #14!
As the Golden Oldie sings "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing!" { http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svAs-6MiqxE } And I have found the "Real Thing" in two Valentine couples that I would love to share with you today!

More than lovely, Rayanne of A LOVELY THOUGHT { http://anartsideoflife.blogspot.com/ } has a treasure of wisdom, beauty, art, home decor, and "girl time tea talk" ready to share! With each post, she has stirred my heart, made me laugh, brought a tear, and alerted me to double-check my faith! She recently added a visit to her closet { http://alovelyladyboudoir.blogspot.com/ }. I accepted the invitation and was "WOWed" by her sharing. I indulge you in a peak at her love story (which can be read in its entirety if you click on her "boudoir" link above.

It appears they started with a "kiss".........

and they are still Kissing today! AAHHHHH! How Sweet it is!
Married for 35 years, Rayanne shares, from her Treasure Box, her first Valentine from her husband(with a picture of them "young and in-love"), her love letters she received from her husband that she saved (and still receives to this day), and a "Love Journal Book" in which their love celebration is recorded to share with each other now and later. True Heavenly Love manifested here on earth to give Hope for those who wait and wonder! Thank you for sharing Rayanne!


Love is found in the strangest places!

I had the great fortune to meet this next couple in Austin at (you guessed) a hockey tournament. I couldn't take my eyes off of them, as I witnessed the most precious loving relationship.
At hockey dinner night, I was seated at the dinner table with them. My heart jumped for joy. I knew it was no accident that I ended up at their table. Married for 50 years, Anne and Jim Hayes spoke of their marriage journey over dinner. I asked if I could keep in touch with them via email. I explained that I had a multitude of questions for them and their enduring love. I feel very strongly about marriage and its unfailing virtues. With the Grace of God, these two have weathered through some incredible trials. They proclaim they remain very much in love. I asked permission to share their story over time. Therefore, I am creating a format to post once a week about God's promise in marriage with testimony from this beautiful and inspiring couple, and others.

Again, A VERY HAPPY VALENTINE's DAY to you all! And, I add my sweet Valentine prayer received from my little sister this morning........

Dear Saint and glorious martyr,
Teach us to love unselfishly and to find great joy in giving.
Enable all true lovers
to bring out the best in each other in God. Amen!