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Friday, February 18, 2011

Endless Lists!

In my world, spring is here! And, here in south Texas, our mowing and flower gardening season starts early! YAY! I love a beautiful yard and find yard work- very therapeutic (it's one more form of prayer time while helping God keep His world beautiful)! However, I do have my additional list of things I look forward to on the weekend! Such as......

Thinking about love and ways to show it! (with all the men in my house, it usually ends up with cooking)

Will Ponder these Words of Wisdom and feel the peace of knowing "that I 'love' and take action in showing it, and sometimes I don't do it perfectly but that never lessens how deeply I do love".

Will try to visit here. Been wanting to for so long. Looks like a BIG TREASURE BOX!

You WON'T catch me at the mall, but I am needing to replenish one of my favorite fragrances, Bond No 9 Bryant Park. I love this fragrance! Enjoy a taste of Red Velvet wine by Cupcake Vineyards, introduced by Sandi at Peel Me A Grape (http://peelmeagrapeblog.blogspot.com/)
Enjoy your weekend!