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Friday, February 11, 2011

Loving From A Distance!

No Matter Where, How Far, or How Long, REAL Love keeps its Promise of FOREVER! Happy Love Day #11! xo

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  1. Wow..I'm going to have to learn to do this one even better! The kids took off in their van with the trailer..and the grandkids..and my dear hubby (hubby just for the week).

    I'm actually sitting in the house..all by myself..for the first time in ages. With some of the children and grandchildren now moving to Seattle..I will be loving from a distance.

    I'm also packing a care package for my son in Afghanistan..who calls me every night on the satellite phone. Really..distance has so little to do with love..or at least in keeping it going. :o)

    Lovely reminder. Thanks for making me smile when I didn't really feel like it this evening. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home