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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Obsessions!

I've been here before! No, not really! But as a young girl, I visited many relatives homes that were decorated in french provincial. While I don't want to be drowning in it, I do love having favorite pieces in my formal living, dining and bedroom. I have acquired some of my favorite pieces, yet, there are still others I hope to get. Such as, the blue sofa. And, (now don't laugh) but I'm crazy about the lamps.

I own a replica of this dining set. The previous owner stripped the chairs to the natural wood. Although I do like the look, it is a bit too natural for me. I believe I will restore them to their original painted surface.
I purchased a version of this dresser. I posted it in earlier posts. And, I want the chair, actually I want a matching pair! Love love love the chair!
Even though the mint green phone issomewhat, if not completely obsolete, it tugs at our heart's memories of a time when a phone call was so cherished. Kinda like most things......in excess, we just don't value it as much! : (
I'd love to have this version again.

I'll share pics of "my" french provincial pieces, later, along with other obsessions, as I post "My Obsessions" every week! xo

(PS Sorry again for a duplicate posting. I am still learning!)