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Monday, March 7, 2011

"Love" Mondays! Caught on Camera!

So, at the Aeros Hockey games (as with all pro team games) the "Kiss Cam" focuses on one couple after another, during the game, and prompts the chosen couples to display their affection with a kiss, on camera, in front of a huge rowdy crowd! The fans watch in anticipation to see which couple will make us laugh or sigh. Young couples, indifferent couples, unlikely couples, seemingly perfectly matched couples were all pressured to entertain the crowd with the "best" kiss on camera! You know.... it never fails.....the "oldest" couples are the most comfortable, most endearing, and most always the very best kissers! And, to reveal the heart of the onlookers, the loudest cheers go for those particular older couples! Yep, it happened again just the other night! Don't tell me love fades!

Not an actual "kiss cam" photo, but you get the picture!

Same here, it just gets better!