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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bright Ideas!

So many Bright ideas for re purposing and recycling materials to light up our lives and set the mood! The choices are endless, but I had to share several that definitely got my attention while either out shopping, or home blogging! Enjoy!

Wine glass chandelier. http://blog.highfashionhome.com/ Houston, Texas.

Coffee cups and silver spoons chandelier. http://hkwdesign.blogspot.com/

Lighting 'gone to the birds'(trivially) (and yet, fascinatingly beautiful).

Crystal Decanters.

Recycled bicycle chains. http://www.facaro.com/

Star lighting from south of the border. Local shop in Brenham, Texas.
Re purposed milk bottles.

Re purposed colored glass wine bottles.

Accumulation and Illumination of older bathroom lighting fixtures.

May the light in your day light your way! xo


  1. Shelley what a fantastic array of light fittings, l love the variety,fun and creativity of every one of them, thanks so much for sharing them with us. Congrats on the link at theparisapartment.Fantastic and loved those white jeans. Thanks for popping me on your blogroll, l still have to work out how to do make a blogroll. Bron.

  2. You found some lovely photos, here. I am soooo loving that tea cup and spoon chandelier. I think that's Anthropologie or something similar. Want want want :)