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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Husband's Love for His Wife!

There is something so refreshing and rejuvenating in regards to the promises made from NEWLY MARRIED LOVE! When I read the guest blog post today, from Erin's (House of Turquoise)new husband, I couldn't help but pass on this sweet sweet testimony of one young husband's desire to fulfill one of his wife's dreams. How precious is this gesture to profess it for the world to see?! If you recall, I once posted the "three P's" to affirm a man's love, written by Steve Harvey--a man! 1. to Profess 2. to Provide 3. to Protect. Seems as though, Erin's got all three. Her husband has professed his love to the world. Her husband wants to provide in order to fulfill her dreams. Her husband desires to protect her by protecting her dreams. I'd say that's a PRETTY GREAT START!

This is the house of her dreams he wants to give her. See the rest of the dream house he imagines for her, by clicking on the title of this post.

So in taking note, one question comes to mind ......................
Are the sweet gestures of our matured love as recognizable as those of new and eager love?!