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Monday, April 11, 2011

You Had Me at Hello!

My sons have been completely entrenched in following the heart wrenching story of Marcus Luttrell! They kept me involved as they read his story "the Lone Survivor". Marcus Luttrell is one of their heroes. And recently he married. Again, my sons made sure that I knew the (manly) romantic details of when he knew "she" (Melanie Juneau)was the one. Below is their story from their wedding announcement website! I find this to be the closest in "You had me at hello"! Melanie Juneau and Marcus Luttrell! Melanie and Marcus began their adventure together just by communicating through email and phone. There was something there that caught the curiosity and the mind wondering about the voice on the other end of the line. It all started off with a couple email exchanges, and then led to texting.....then to long seven hour phone calls that would lead well into the morning on a daily basis for weeks. Well, during that time Melanie was on a trip... her first stop when she arrived back home was to meet her future Mr. Wonderful. This date was not like any other date, they had wonderful conversation until they closed down the restaurant. They began their evening with a full house in the restaurant, they ended their evening with just the lonely bartender and the clean up crew. They didn't want the night to end, it was instant connection and was feeling all the butterflies. As they departed ways that evening, Melanie received a text from Marcus reading, "this is the last time you will ever leave without me." Well......as you can see that statement held true. They have been inseparable from that night on, from day in to day out ever since. Fairy tales do come true.....the princess has met her frog. http://ws2.ewedding.com/v30/?a=marcusandmelanie