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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Circle of Fire!

I was purchasing a t-shirt from her as a donation to the charity she was representing. Little did I know the story behind The Amos House of Faith. Her book is finally out! Only love brings victory over devastation!

The Circle of Fire by Justina R. Page

In the early hours of March 7, 1999, Justina Page’s life changed forever when a four alarm house fire ravaged and destroyed her family’s home. In the aftermath, in addition to the heartbreaking loss of one of her 22-month-old twinboys, Justina and her husband had to cope with the physical injuries on both her and her surviving son.

The Circle of Fire chronicles the author’s journey through overcoming the devastating consequences of this catastrophic event. Justina’s is a journey of discovering that personal tragedy is not a life sentence to despair, anger, and continual pain and suffering. Instead, it is a discovery of how something positive can be salvaged from every agonizing experience, even when your faith has truly been tried by fire.


That we may all find courage to have faith no matter what sadness or tragedy we face! xo