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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Thinkin'.............!

Just thinkin'.....A mirror reflects what is actually in front of it. Do you like what you see? Do you see what others see? When looking in to a mirror do you see the depth of the reflection? And the depth of what others see in you? Do you miss all of the beauty in the reflection because you are so heavily focused on one image only?

What I learned about this one human being was the gift he gave consistently to others. He gave them value. Like a mirror, he reflected back to each person their beauty. And he didn't stop until they saw all of their potential, as well as value.

Each adult that spoke on his behalf, wept beautiful tears for a life beautifully lived. One told a short synopsis of what he envisioned would happen when John reached the gates of Heaven. He started by saying that John spoke to God daily. So, when John reached the gates he extended his hand to who he thought was St Peter, and introduced himself, "Hi, St. Peter, I'm John". In turn, the other gentleman, reached for his hand and replied,"Well, hello John. I'm not St. Peter, I'm God." And, John said, "Wow, God, it didn't take that long to get here, and I thought it would be harder." God looked lovingly at John and replied, "No, John, it didn't take long. Welcome home John."

Just thinkin'...........to live a life of love and beauty in which others cannot help but see their value and potential!

Just thinkin'..........that I'm grateful for my sons! And, Thank you God that they knew John Moore and he affected their lives! We need good men!

John William Moore II, loved spending time with his family. The love of John’s life was his family. John lived a full and active life and enjoyed good health until he was diagnosed with cancer in January of 2011. His nature as a true gentleman, wisdom and warmth will be greatly missed by all that knew and loved him.

May we all be mirrors! xo