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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just Thinkin'.............!

Just thinkin'.......I love marketing! Much like humor, what is true and real makes the MOST impact! Tiffany's is on to something with their new 'What Makes Love True' ad campaign. It features real people with real stories. A profound quote accentuates the opening page.......

True love has a beginning but no ending!
Just thinkin'.........I'll repeat......I love marketing! And....I love 'love'! I'm thinkin' Tiffany's has just swooned a million other hearts along with mine! Not so much that I am seduced to purchase, but that the focus is 'real love', and should be as timeless, or endless, as a Tiffany piece. I can agree with that, regardless of buying. It's a 'win win' situation. Tiffany's appeals to romantics and quality conscientious consumers to trust purchasing their products, while sharing real sentiments regarding 'forever love' with the entire world. Just thinkin'.............we need more real messages of love.

Just thinkin'..........part of success is having a plan, knowing that at any minute the plan can be derailed, and, therefore, having a back-up plan. For example, 'a road trip': your travel path is mapped out, but, what do you do when you arrive at a point, in which there is construction, or disaster, and no way through? Yep, have an alternate route. Or, be a calm thinker, not an alarmist. The trip is so much more successful when you are prepared to be prepared. Always be prepared to know there may be change. Just thinkin'..........the roller coaster of life does not have to be scary, only more exciting than the ever-safe Ferris wheel!
"If the greatest enemy of action is the lack of a plan, the greatest enemy of a plan is the lack of action." - Laura Stack via Carol's Daughter

Just thinkin'............In order to live with intent to 'love' and 'be loved'.........send more messages (whether physical affection, the written word, the sweet gesture, the spoken word, etc) of real love. That's the first plan of action. Then, plan to receive those same messages of love, as well. Sounds like a plan with action! xo