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'LUSH'--Luscious--richly satisfying to the senses or the mind.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

So Many, And All Incredible!

There are sooooo many incredible blogs! I visit my favorites regularly, and then, find at least two or more to add to my list everyday! Each blog offers incredible information, decorative tips, gorgeous photos, advice, etc, etc, etc! While each blog I visit is a 'LUSH' pick, there is only so much space to post, and so little reading time for each of you to spare! Enjoy these few today!

"The Blogstress Network is designed to bring women who blog together in many ways. Three women--Doreen Creede, Barbara Hammond & Lee Romano Sequeira--living three blocks apart and authoring three very different blogs (Style Maniac, Zero to 60 & Beyond, Madness, Mom & Me). After a party at a mutual friend's one cold winter night, we began meeting for cocktails and conversations about blogging no one else wanted to listen to. Immediately, casual drinks turned into one community of support, advice, friendship & fun.
Helping each other made us happier and our blogs better. Now we want to help you do the same.
And so began The Blogstress Network ... a way to help all of us leave our mark on the world."

Blog networking......................a 'LUSH' pick!
I love mixing styles! Bring together what makes you feel fabulous! Mixing it up....................a 'LUSH' pick!
There are so many creative and innovative bloggers! I love the tutorials, and the before and afters! I believe the "do it yourself-ers" are a 'LUSH' pick!
Lovely tutorial via Centsational Girl.
While visiting the Enchanted Home daily post, I drooled (not very ladylike I know) over these fantastic pieces! I absolutely love the pairing of this shirt and shorts. Making a statement of casual elegance........a 'LUSH' pick!
Couldn't think of any reason to post other than how beautiful the floor tile and vanity are.......a 'LUSH' pick!
Just because it's exquisite via Bright, Bold, & Beautiful!
Roses seem to almost always create the most no-fail beautiful backdrop when taking photos! Rose backdrops...................a 'LUSH' pick!
Take your photos amongst the roses via Pink Lemonade Design.
Choose to network, it is the essence of "I get by with a little help from my friends"! xo


  1. I love that vantiy in the bathroom, it's dreamy!! Oooh to have a bathroom like that :)) Beautiful new picture of you on the right..gorgeous!! Wish you a wonderful weekend xxx

  2. Thank you for the mention!! I happened to love that same pairing..thought it was so chic. How fun your group sounds.....blogging is such an amazing way to bring perfect strangers together and its filled with so many amazing and talented people! Have to look into the blogtress network, what a wonderful idea!!

  3. What a fantastic idea Shelly cos often when we start a blog conversation peoples eyes just start to glaze over don't they.... so how wonderful for a group of like minded people to share fun, ideas and support. Awesome pics by the way, thanks again for sharing the joy of blogging.