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Monday, July 25, 2011

Life! Don't Miss a Step!

When you see the stairway, do you moan while begrudging the climb? Or, do you give no thought whatsoever, and just take the steps, hastily without notice, knowing you will get to your destination eventually, as long as you "get there quick"? Or.... do you take time to realize how each step not only gets you closer to your destination, but you have participated in your journey every step of the way, maybe while conversing, taking in the surroundings, praying, or taking a moment with needed thoughts? I know there's an elevator in life and it can get us "there" in a hurry and, usually without interruption of any kind. But, if the stairs offered more than just "a way", would you take them?

beautiful stairways via Conspicuous Style Interior Design

Life! Don't miss a step! On your way, notice and embrace! You'll still get there! xo


  1. I love the stairs with the books underneath! x


  2. Lovely staircase pics Shelly, especially the first one. Who wouldn't want to take that one... nice and slow to enjoy the journey. Have a great week.

  3. Wonderful..I love the ones with the books underneath and the last one :) We must always keep climbing in life, we never know where the stairs will take us :) xx

  4. That last one is a fave of mine--such a cute idea.

    Shelly, thanks so much for calling in to Blog Talk Radio yesterday. It was lovely to hear your voice! Great tip about World Blog Day -- looking forward to brainstorming some ideas with you for how The Blogstress Network can put our little twist on the event.