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Thursday, July 28, 2011

'LUSH' Picks......!

I'm a little mixed up this week! It's been hectic! I've missed a post on one day, added two posts in to one on another day, and then repeated the combo posting again! Thursdays, I usually have my 'picks', but due to brain constraint (accompanied with time constraint), I am posting images of random things that I have attained, or that I keep in mind, to attain eventually! Or perhaps, the thought is just pure entertainment! Nevertheless..............

Without being 'over the top' frilly or feminine, I really love for all things to have prettiness, or pure beauty! When it comes to being a 'lady', there's so much to be said in being ladylike, graceful, and fresh, combined with strength, intelligence, and heart!
Although I haven't quite attained a closet-room/dressing room, I often dream of one. For some reason, I always revert back to Nanette Lepore's. It seems to have a touch of everything luxurious in just the right quantity. Not too much frou frou, just right!
I am always drawn to word images and wall art! This one really gets me, because sometimes it can BE me! Dare I say, the Italian side of me, I call "ranting", had to be reminded to stay quiet! I would talk, or rant nervously while preparing for a big gathering, or big event! It was my way of thinking out loud and working through the nerves as I prepared! My middle son now has a stand up comic routine (funny as ever and respectfully performed) in regards to my past "ranting"! I'm sure glad there is a sense of humor! I get to laugh at myself! So......this wall art.........is a really big laughing reminder to........ Shhhhh..............it's gonna be okay.............really!

It took me awhile to understand 'Vegas'. I've been. It was.............it was 'Vegas'. I do like the sign, and the different uses. I actually like this one! It seems joyful, especially if you believe the message!
How many times have we all seen this gorgeous pink door and it's incredible silver tone hardware? Well........here's one more time. I love it! I just love it! The color is so wonderful that it makes me feel wonderful! Does anyone know the actual paint color? Guess I'll have to get brave enough to ask the designer.

I am most always drawn to crystal, clear or etched glass, white porcelain or ceramic cake plates. I use cake plates. Pedestal cake plates definitely! I really like these pedestal cake plates. They seem just right for the summer!

via Beach Bungalow 8

Feminine and masculine mixed........one of my favorite combinations! Again, without being too much, I love white lace, especially when the piece is classic cut (tailored or fitted). Then, adding a sportier or manlier touch, such as the watch, is the ultimate combination. This has "WOW POWER" accompanied with " aahhhh so lovely"!

I find this to be simply lovely as a gardening/potting workspace! One of these days........

via Better Homes and Garden

Target just keeps grabbing the attention of the ultimate dollar conscientious fashion shopper! Missoni's new line seems to have a retro or slight 70's vibe. Can't wait to see it in store!

via Missoni for Target

via Missoni for Target
Sigh! I made it through posting for Thursday! Looking forward to a break. It's called "the weekend". xo
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