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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Obsessing Over Obsessions!

It's nothing new! Everybody does it! And, what I think about is somewhat ordinary! However, everyday and every minute of everyday, my mind is full of thoughts, ideas, endless checklists, etc! I have my obsessive thoughts about "things" that need to be done, need to be prayed for, need to be worked out, etc! And, then, I obsess about these obsessions! I am a do-er. There is not enough time in the day to accomplish all I want/need to accomplish! LOL! These are just a few of my current obsessions (note: my actual list is mountainous) ................

Inspirational and educational quotes that really should be practiced- taken to heart- are ingrained in my soul (just as the WORD) and then I work on manifesting it! The message rings true (below). I am becoming more and more vigilant of how I spend my days! And I am more focused on teaching my sons the same! (Teaching my sons--TRUE obsession!)
via Lowe's

Some of my obsessions are a bit more of "wants instead of needs". Thus, I haven't gotten my hands on the wrought iron outdoor furniture of my dreams, but I do have an assortment of vintage tablecloths. I enjoy dining outside (or just visiting at the table). I find surrounding myself and my loved ones, or guests, with things from a simpler time allows for a more relaxing environment. I just need the table and chairs, that's all.

It's just about universal to find creative and stylish uses for what once was considered "hoakie". I continue to be intrigued with barn doors used for interior decorative, but useful, purpose. I'm not giving up until I find a place in my own home to hang these beauties!
barn door images via Remodelista

Wallpapers, or wall murals, continue to build on their popularity once again. For me, I have continued to have a secret love for them. Today there are so many uses and ways to decorate a room. Love wallpaper and murals!
wallpaper images via tumblr

wall mural via the Paris Apartment

Gosh, I, like soooo many, will always love pink! Again, so many ways to use pink! Endless ways! Everyday, I fight my urge to choose pink when given a choice of colors. My common sense side knows when to hold back, and when to "pink it up"!
pink door via Best Design Interior

I am always fascinated by artists -from Michelangelo to a street artist, or your local student- and their God-given talent to put on "paper" what we see and what we don't see! Total amazement!
art via jbeaudet at etsy.com

Working in the yard, not only strengthens my work ethic and body strength, but it helps me sort out what is stressing me. I can work and pray. When the weather allows hours outside to be productive, then all I want to do is be productive outside. I love manicuring the lawn and the flower beds.
Funny finds, unique finds......you name it! I get the biggest kick out of the human ability to create unique or humorous, but practical and useful items! Although I am not such a drinker that I need to carry around my six pack, I absolutely adore this carrier! And, being a bike lover, I love it even more! I think how I would love to be THAT creative...........

Take time to enjoy the things (and people) that you think about everyday! Within context, obsessions are motivators! So, get motivated! xo