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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy International Blog Day!!

Yes, that's right! We Bloggers actually have a day set aside to celebrate using our creative and communicative talents! Have you ever really researched the origin of the BLOG? In my quest to understand the popular social tool, my search brought up Wikipedia's link. I read that Blog day is "on the books", or "calendar" August 31st, for all of us to celebrate! This day may have taken many of you by surprise. It seems to have been started up around 6 years ago, was being announced by various links, and, then, apparently the torch was passed to the rest of us to continue to make our day special! Immediately I posted it as a gadget on my blog. And, The Blogstress Network, myself, and many other blogs that I googled, are bringing new life to Blog day by the passionate promoting to share the joy! I believe we can revive and give continued life to International Blog Day. It's such a great focus for bloggers. Even though many of us mention, promote, and link to other blogs on a regular basis, the day can be a day of bringing a tremendous surge in the fun and creativity of promoting! Let's CONNECT, start promoting your six, or more, chosen blogs on International Blog Day, August 31st. And, then share another creative way to commemorate! Your idea could end up taking off world-wide. Happy International Blog Day!

I have soooooo many that I want to promote! These are a portion of all that I follow! I have added and added to my blogroll till it's bursting at the seems! But, what the heck, I love them all!
Happy International Blog Day! Share the joy! xo


  1. Ahh..this is such a great thing! I never knew about this day, so thank you for bringing it to my attention and for mentioning me too, I appreciate it!! I hope you and all other great bloggers around the world keep doing what their doing and spread a lil' happiness around too!! xx

  2. How lovely of you to choose Style Maniac -- and The Blogstress Network. Thank you, Shelly.

  3. Thank you Shelly. We really appreciate your enthusiasm. And even if it doesn't exist in its original form, we thing Blog Day is a wonderful idea of sharing and discovery. Well as you can see, we've put our twist on it.

  4. Shelly, thank you so much for the mention! happy to know you. sending love

  5. Shelly your enthusiasm is infectious and I am sure you are the perfect person to begin a Blogstress chapter for us in Houston!

    Thanks for keeping us focused on this World Blogstress Day... can't wait to see what we do next year.