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*Glamorously Fun*

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thank You for Letting Me Play with My Words!

While it may be WAAAAYYYYY ahead 
of anything 
I really want to think about 
(such as, Fall
which would mean 
skipping over an anticipated Spring or Summer), 
I can't resist the 'LUSH'ury (luxury) 
of indulging in
  'LUSH'urious (luxurious) fashion!

 Dolce & Gabanna

And, after you've completely enjoyed this 'LUSH'ous video,
 let me just say: 

 Thank you! 

Thank you for letting me play with my words! 
is just a word 
that my sisters and I started using a few years back. 
Then, one day, 
I decided to use it as my blog title and focus. 
And, now, I just get to play with a made-up word!
 I kinda like it!

Have a great week! xo