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Friday, September 21, 2012

Love from Morocco.........

I received this greeting (his personal photo) by email, today! My heart jumped for joy!

Subject: Hello, from Morroco!

It's the best feeling ever! When my oldest son is so far away-- oceans away--one simple, beautiful "hello" can make all the difference!

And, Love from the Hill Country of Texas.........

My second oldest is visiting in the Hill country of Texas! He sent me this photo, today, of the Catholic church I attended when at college.

Sweet, precious gesture, thinking of me.

I think it's wonderful for them to have these experiences, and just as wonderful to be thought of while on their journeys.



  1. Shelly, I love this..... I just got happy chills.....what lovely gestures from your loving sons. Clearly they were raised by you and have the genuine gift of care and generous spirit that you infused in them.
    Family....it means so much.
    Cheers-and love having YOU back on LUSH.

    PS-Just between us girls, tomorrow I will meet my mom's new love...She has had only one love, my sweet dad in the 52 years of marriage and the 3 1/2 years since we lost him. In the last month, in part due to my blog and a photo shoot done through my blog, she met a lifetime partner and love. All within a month....love, hope...somethings are just meant to be. More later...wish me luck. ;)

    1. Heather, I can't wait to hear more in regards to your mom. Our lives our so much alike, the more I get to know you. I wish you love, wisdom, and courage. Gosh, I pray all is truly "meant to be" (this next phase of not only your mother's life, but the family's life.) God bless in this new chapter.

      Thank you so much for your sweet and tender regards for my sons. I pray they remain strong, yet tender-hearted men of God. I want them to make great husbands and fathers, as well as men who make a difference in the people they touch on a daily basis.

      I'm glad to be back. You help to make it all worthwhile, Heather! xo

  2. Dear Shelly .... I know exactly how you feel! Our eldest son lives in Los Angeles now and it is such a long way away .... we haven't seen him since February and he is arrriving home this afternoon!!! I am so excited. Our second son is only an hour plane flight away but that still too far for me! Your boys are gorgeous too and I hope you have a wonderful time together when they get home! Have a wonderful weekend
    best wishes always

    1. Hi Frances! I am honored to have had you visit and leave a comment. We share in the eagerness to have our boys home, and the family together and complete. And, even though I rejoice as the older sons fulfill their own lives and dreams, I often mourn the cheerful noise of their voices and the warmth of their hugs. I love for the family to be together. Prayers for your family, and mine, that each moment together will be incredibly warm and unforgettable. xo

  3. Morroco! How awesome! So glad they have the chance to travel when younger...I keep trying to talk my daughter into it while she is young, single, nothing holding her back. So sweet they are thinking of you on their travels. You did good.

    1. You are so fortunate to have traveled while younger. I came from a large lower middle class family, and there was absolutely no traveling any farther than Galveston. I am so in favor of traveling. I hope your daughter takes your advice. It really helps to shape a person. And, thank you. God is not finished with them, or me!! xo

  4. That's beyond precious! So sweet of your boys, they are obviously well mannered and highly thoughtful to do such a thing :) Not easy letting them spread their wings sometimes, but it makes it much better knowing they are far away and thinking of you :)) Beautiful photos!! Hope you are having a wonderful day doll xox