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'LUSH'--Luscious--richly satisfying to the senses or the mind.

Monday, February 11, 2013

It's Time for the Pep Talk!

Words of wisdom, for me,
and I'm certain, for others, 
when it comes to choices regarding the 
or personal fashion.
We'd like to think our tastes
are wildly accepted,
just like the top designers and fashion experts!

However, we are calmed by the notion
that our home is our personal expression,
(fashion, too), and is as individual as we are.
Therefore, we are to be loved for who we are.

With that being stated.............
My mind is running 100 miles per hour
 with ideas
for my renovated home.
When thinking about a color palette,
this is what my mind looks like,
(cause I am always daring myself to use pink, of some sort)!

But, a sophisticated navy, and hues of blue, are where I'm leaning.

As well as, whites.

And, leather.

I know each room in my home will take shape in layers.
Either a color, or an item, will form each specific room.

I will share different inspiration images, in my next posts.
Til then..............


  1. I love all your inspiration boards here shelly. The photos are gorgeous. The only problem is that it can be so hard to choose. I like this, I like that, I like that other one....No doubt you will select just the right elements for your new home in time. It will just take tons of decision making to get there. In the mean time, how fabulous to have these gorgeous images as inspiration. You've got great taste and sense of style~ trust that instinct and it will always turn out fabulously! xx

    1. Heather, your pep talk was better than the one I posted! Thank you dear friend! xox