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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Please Enjoy the Music..........

while you are placed on hold."  Ugh!!  

Or, how about some "elevator music" to ease the uncomfortable silence?  However, in this case, I'll be posting random thoughts and images, to end the days of non-posting, while waiting for the home renovation to be complete! 

I've decided to end the "on hold", "stand by", or "uncomfortable silence"! 

 Man, this renovation,  is just taking way too long!

This is an inspiration collage.  
(Remember, you have to pretend 
this is "elevator" or "on-hold" music.)
Ok... the next few images 
are not nearly not even close to being as pretty, 
or inspirational, as the previous collage.
But, they are more closely related 
to the irritating "elevator/on-hold" music.

This is an original built-in cabinet, with copper wire panels, in the kitchen. 
I replaced the Formica counter top with marble.

This is the original den/family room.  

This is the original office.

Although this is just a peek at the renovation, it's no secret.......everything is getting a fresh coat of white paint. White is my canvas. Not to mention, I love white!

Thank you to all my lovely friends who have been patiently waiting for me to return with some amazing "After" photos.  At this point, it may be Christmas 2013! xo


  1. Very exciting though...I know its a draining process but you will be so happy when its done and you are enjoying your beautiful new space!

    1. Thank you, Tina! You are right! The process is draining, and I am a veteran but it doesn't get any easier with repetition. Nevertheless, I will be glad when it's done!

  2. Oh Shelly~ I am so excited to see these first glimpses of your new project! The bright white paint and marble will be gorgeous. I also love the white brick~it reminds me of the house I grew up in and I'm seeing it again lately. I know it always takes double (or triple!) the time they say on some things but it will be so worth it. I see your vision shining through already. Love your inspiration collage too! Eye on the prize! By the way, which collage maker do you use?
    Thanks for sharing your creative journey lovely friend. Xx, heather

    1. Hi Heather! Thank you for the words of inspiration--keeping my eye on the prize!! I am so ready to be settled! I just want to decorate, bake, sit by my pool, have a glass of wine, and smile (or sigh).

      I use Picasa for my collages. I need to do a bit of researching to find a better way to photo shop and play.

      Thank you for always inspiring me to be better, and more creative, Heather! xox

  3. So lovely to see you've posted Shelly and your reno's are coming along beautifully...a fresh coat of white makes all the difference doesn't it. Thanks for the "sneak peak""...l love your inspiration staircase too, how lovely to swan down those stairs in a gorgeous frock sometime. Have a fantastic weekend and happy painting:-))

    1. Hi Bron! I love your description "to swan down those stairs in a gorgeous frock"! Absolutely charming and dreamy way of describing descending stairs! Love it. And, yes, we both agree on the white. You have a fantastic weekend, also! I'll come visit! Need to catch up! xo

  4. Hi Shelly! Glad to see your renovations are coming along nicely...exciting and exhausting I'm sure! Looking forward to more updates.

    1. Thank you, Kuki! I'm so happy to see you are posting more often! I will be updating soon!