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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

"Please Enjoy the Music..........

while you are placed on hold."  Ugh!!  

Or, how about some "elevator music" to ease the uncomfortable silence?  However, in this case, I'll be posting random thoughts and images, to end the days of non-posting, while waiting for the home renovation to be complete! 

I've decided to end the "on hold", "stand by", or "uncomfortable silence"! 

 Man, this renovation,  is just taking way too long!

This is an inspiration collage.  
(Remember, you have to pretend 
this is "elevator" or "on-hold" music.)
Ok... the next few images 
are not nearly not even close to being as pretty, 
or inspirational, as the previous collage.
But, they are more closely related 
to the irritating "elevator/on-hold" music.

This is an original built-in cabinet, with copper wire panels, in the kitchen. 
I replaced the Formica counter top with marble.

This is the original den/family room.  

This is the original office.

Although this is just a peek at the renovation, it's no secret.......everything is getting a fresh coat of white paint. White is my canvas. Not to mention, I love white!

Thank you to all my lovely friends who have been patiently waiting for me to return with some amazing "After" photos.  At this point, it may be Christmas 2013! xo