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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Using What You Have, and, Preserving What is Already There.

Source: etsy.com via Scattered Arts (Barbados) on Pinterest

The claw foot tub was purchased from an estate sale about 16 years ago, for $50. I could've purchased a new tub, probably a completely different style (possibly something more glamorous). However, keeping within a budget, my husband was inspired to try his DIY skills in restoring the tub we owned. After researching, and actually speaking to skilled bathtub re-finishers he saved us $3800, with beautiful results. In its place, the tub awaits the plumber to permanently connect it. 

(Sorry for the poor image. It seriously does not do it justice.)

One of the many reasons I always find pleasure in working with older homes, is finding, and  preserving some, or all,  of their character. There were two rooms with original parquet wood floors. After watching a program on how parquet flooring is meticulously created, I wanted to preserve the floors. I was able to finally see the refinished floor. I approve.

With every reveal, I feel the urgency to "get-in", settle down, and start decorating!! Patience! Patience! I believe having patience is the most painful part of this process! (OK, not really.)

Happy Thursday, everyone! xo