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Monday, March 18, 2013

A Royal Welcome!

I had my heart set on a particular chandelier but the price was just a bit more than I wanted needed to pay. It had the look of a jeweled crown! It was simply gorgeous, and I thought it would've been grand in my entrance. With a bit of time passing, and steady hunting, I found this for $20! The top ornamentation looks similar to a crown. I feel the same splendor for this crown jewel, as the one I originally passed up. Now my guests can feel royally welcomed!

The royal accompaniment of the crowned entrance fixture was
$10, but makes the hall ambiance feel like a million.

I don't know if I am brave enough (or if my husband would flip) but this entrance is seriously an inspiration for me! I love my chandelier as much as this particular one (plus, I don't have a 18ft ceiling clearance). I have the same front door design. And, the color of the walls is so joyous (swank, too) that I can't imagine guests wouldn't feel overwhelmingly happy (glamorous) when entering! Just thought I'd share. I wished the completed project was posted. I'm dying to see it in it's glory!

via Hollywood Forever, Kevin

I know my posts are a bit repetitive in content, but for me it's a journey and every addition, find, or accessory will be noted. It's a process that I am journaling. Thank you for sharing in it with me. xox

Happy day to all of you! xo