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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Home is From a Simpler Time

It may be from a simpler time but has some very real and fun history. My home is a 1942 Ranch. It sits on a little over 1/2 of an acre amongst old pecan, oak, magnolia and pine trees. The neighborhood is marked historical and is a protected wildlife habitat. This is part of the beauty and (to me) extravagance of simple living. Yes, my house is old, but soundly built.

My house is long, very long. I can't seem to get a full range shot of it. The extension to the far right side of the home has a bit of fun history. Apparently the orginal owner and builder of the home had two children. For the love of these children he built an extravagant play house. When the children reached their teen years, he realized the days in the playhouse ceased. So...........he moved the playhouse up and attached it to the childrens wing of the home.

Its possible to see the image of a lovely playhouse equipped with its own entrance and porch. I absolutely love this story. (There are more which I will tell in future posts.)

So, from the interior of my home, there are lots and lots of windows. I love windows and how the light plays through them. From my dining room, you can see my front porch and front yard, which I love.

And one more picture for today, my living room, equipped with my flea market, family heirlooms, and craiglist treasures--made to work. Again, I love the natural light and originality of my simple ranchstyle home. More to share later..........