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Monday, June 7, 2010

A Converted Firehouse or Church? Hmmm.....?

It seems almost half of my life has been spent around the fire house or fire department. I admire the firefighters and the firefighters way of life. The firehouse is so central to the family they build with one another. I have always dreamed of buying a firehouse (with the poles) and converting it into a home.

And, then, there is the thought of converting a church. When I was in college, I used to pass old churches when driving to and from school to visit home. I would fantasize about transforming these architecturally beautiful structures into an amazing home.

Needless to say, my boys seem to favor the firehouse (with the poles)!


  1. I love that idea too. I've seen shows on HGTV where people have converted fire houses, old churches and storefronts to homes. I don't know if I have the imagination to actually visualize renovating one.
    There is a restaurant in Atlanta called The Abbey. It is an old church converted into a restaurant and the waiters wear monk clothing. There is a harpist playing music in the background. Such a beautiful place to have dinner. Keith and I ate there for our 3rd or 4th anniversary I think. So its been a long time ago. Enjoyed the pictures you posted.
    ♥ Joy

  2. Thank you, Joy. I hope to have an opportunity to visit The Abbey. Actually have family members in Atlanta, and have always wanted to visit.

  3. There's an old one-room schoolhouse for sale down the street that I wish we could afford. It's already been converted into a home, but it has those nifty little quirks of architecture that make historical 'other use' structures so interesting as dwellings.

  4. Sure need to hop over to my place!!

  5. Shelly, I started thinking about The Abbey more and more so I decided to google it. It converted back to a Presbyterian church a couple of years ago so the restaurant no longer exist. I'm glad there is a congregation there now. It really was a great dining experience. fyi, ♥ Joy

  6. Hi, Joy, thank you for the update on the Abbey. I am happy too that, at least it was preserved and refurbished to be a place of worship!

    Thank you for having interest in my "old simple" home. I will share more as time goes on. This whole blogging process is a huge change for me in that I am sharing more of myself than I have EVER allowed. I thank God for the wonderful connections I have made to find trust. So.......with that....as I grow I will expose more of my life/home/kids/happenings and all! I SO love seeing beautiful lives that share, and I want to be a part of that! Thank you, Joy!

  7. Shelly,

    Thank you for your prayers!!!