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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Thinkin..............!

Breathe in. Breathe out. Now, start thinkin'!

Just thinkin'.........How we know this IS TRUE!

Just thinkin' how we all deal with a bad habit, or addiction, of some sort! I caught a moment on "Kimora, Life in the Fab Lane". Kimora Lee Simmons was searching for techniques to overcome her snacking addiction which leads to her weight gain and frustration. (Can we all identify?) Her friend was trying to get her to a hypnotist, which Kimora was fully skeptical of, but was desperate to try every method of resisting temptation. After she explained to the hypnotist doctor that she was reluctant, he asked her to identify her "triggers" for snacking. Naturally, her "triggers" were stress and the snacks helped her feel loved and soothed. The doctor asked her to try a substitution. Every time she needed to be soothed, she is to breathe in eucalyptus oil (which was in a bottle the size of a lipstick and she could easily carry with her). I was thinkin' how this just might be pleasant enough to calm oneself and possibly not need to reach for a snack. (Just thinkin.... how prayer is an ultimate soother and defender, too!)

Just thinkin' about how impressed I am with Steve Harvey and his bestselling books. Steve teaches women to respect themselves and receive the respect they deserve from men. He explained that there are 3 P's to knowing a man's intentions toward a woman.
Profess-- a man that loves you will profess to others that you are his "woman", "wife", "love", etc. If he identifies you as "friend", or anything loosely, his intentions are not in respect of you.
Provide-- a man that loves you will provide for you no matter what his level of income. He will want to care for you.
Protect-- a man that loves you will protect you against every thing.
And that, my lovely ladies, is from the horses (man's) mouth!

Just thinkin' you might need a LAUGH!

The teacher was shocked by the student's revealing picture of her mother's means of employment and earning wages! Come to find out, at the mother's embarrassment, she explained she was not a pole dancer. She was selling shovels at a home improvement store after a snow storm. LOL! Just thinkin' how we've all embarrassed ourselves by jumping to conclusions instead of going to the source and having that enlightening conversation that dispels all that is untrue!

And lastly,

Just thinkin' about the great state of Texas! Today marks a birthday for our state!March 2, 1836: The Texas Declaration of Independence is signed! Happy Birthday Texas!

Remember, keep thinkin'! God gave you the gift of discernment! xo