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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Obsessions! Dress Me Please!

I have an obsession with dresses! I have since I was old enough to talk and tell you what I loved and preferred. I will choose a dress over pants any day! I feel more ladylike, fashionable, empowered, pulled together, and just all around lovely, when I wear a dress. I have dresses for a day at work. I have dresses for church. I have dresses for a day at home, cooking and/or cleaning. I have dresses for running errands. I just love the way one piece (the dress) can make the entire outfit! So, here are just a few I dream to own. (If I posted all of them it would take a day to scroll through them. LOL!) And, if I work hard enough, I WILL have at least one of my selection (below) if not more! And, you can bet that I will shop SMART (sales, vintage shops, on-line shops, and Marshall's)!.

Etsy 60's vintage. This is me!

Oscar de la Renta. True classic. And, I've met Oscar himself. He approached me one day while he was visiting Saks Fifth Avenue for his newest line. He is very handsome and very courteous! I will always love his couture. His designs speak of his love for the beauty and strength of a woman.

Etsy vintage. 60's vintage. I can see this in spring! So smart!

Hottypinkwhytheshellnotembroidery, Lilly Pulitzer. I really do love Lilly Pulitzer. Her designs are glamorous with a twist of ease! And, that's important when you live in the south with our lovely weather!

HottyPinkitcanbearranged, Lilly Pulitzer. Oh yes, I see a classic right here! Beautiful today and 20 years from now!

Winsor Knot Dress, Anthropologie. This is definitely my choice for a "June Cleaver" day at home! Hope that doesn't offend anyone, 'cause for me, it's heaven.

Sunny Soiree Dress, Anthropologie. "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day". The sun would be shining even in the rain, wearing this to work!

Posh girl vintage {sold before I had a shot at it :(} Can't say how sad I was to loose out on this dress. Oh, the agony!

Stunning, via fashion editorials. I had to put this one in............it's just GORGEOUS! In my dreams..................

Did you get the sense that I have an obsession with dresses?! Kinda like a kid in a candy store? Humor me! Actually, I know you're drooling with me! It's ok.......that's what friends are for! xo