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Thursday, March 24, 2011

'LUSH' Picks!

The week is winding down and our to-do, or to-have-fun, lists are revving up for the weekend! Here's a little help with completing your lists!
Classic Shades!
A classic pair of shades are always necessary! However, when the warmer seasons hit, and we tend to be outside more often, they are even more necessary! Choose wisely, and choose more than one pair! Like shoes, sunglasses compliment the outfit! The Aviator style (every designer has their version) has fashion staying power. Therefore, if you have to choose one pair, this might very well be the one! A 'Lush' pick!

(shades http://www.ray-ban.com/usa )

White Jeans!

White ankle stretched toothpick jeans are a must have for the season! The photo below is enough convincing! A 'Lush' pick!

(jeans http://www.jcrew.com)

Sexy Modern Black Dress!
"Look what happens when lace leaves the Victorian era behind. The ultimate girlie fabric takes on a modern twist. Suddenly lace doesn't just feel cool, it is cool." A sexy modern black lace dress is appropriate in any season. A 'Lush' pick!

(black lace dress http://carolinaherrera.com)

Street Romance!

Spring is the perfect time to decide on a little road romance! Not just for the economic savings and the gentleness to our environment, mopeds, or scooters, are just so "euro" romantic! Whether with the one you love, or just treating yourself, enjoying the outdoors on wheels.......a 'Lush' pick!

Touches of Vibrant Color!

Color, color, vibrant color! Needing a mood lift! Vases full of blooming flowers will awaken even the gloomiest days! A 'Lush' pick!

(vases http://adaanddarcy.blogspot.com/)

Vivid Floral Drapes!

Another definite pick-me-up, with texture and simple elegance, hanging these drapes made of a gorgeous array of color and floral pattern! These are a 'Lush' pick!

(drapes http://store.plumprettysugar.com/)

Beautiful Reflection!
A grand mirror, free standing, has remained a consistently strong home decor statement. At this time of year, it illuminates the longer days of sunshine beautifully in any room! A 'Lush' pick!

May your day be more joyous with 'Lush' picks!! xo