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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Thinkin...............!

Just thinkin.............
How I take life seriously. That I desire to be useful. That I am, like most, a complex person. However, I can still find time to relax and laugh (it's the healthy thing to do).

Just thinkin..........that sometimes I am a high fashion girl, and sometimes I'm not. And, that sometimes being focused on material goods can seem shallow, but I love making life beautiful. I love nourishing the human heart and soul, as well as, the heart and soul of a home. And, that's why I write my "Just Thinkin...." post!

Just thinkin.........I’ve been taking continuing education classes. Education is powerful. I was contemplating how much I value education now more than ever. “Knowledge is power”. The more we know, the more confidence we have in our ability to navigate through life with purpose and intent. The more we know, the less fear we harbor and the more courage we implement in our daily choices of seeking the truth and fulfilling God’s plan.

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Just thinkin………How, although I am continuing my education in a classroom, the MOST valuable lessons do not come from a scheduled class but from HUMAN EXPERIENCE. I received an email that had reminders of important lessons we need to remember to live by and to teach our children to live by also. These are lessons I’ve taught my sons from as far back as I can remember.

No one is beneath or above another’s importance based on their job. The janitor is as valuable as the principal. The doorman is as valuable as the prestigious customer he just held the door for. Treat everyone with respect. Acknowledge each of them with a smile, “hello”, and “thank you”. You may even introduce yourself and learn their name. What a gift it is when someone acknowledges you and uses your name while doing so!

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Be ready to help. No one is above service, hard work, or sacrifice. The story goes……..On a rainy night, the car broke down on the highway, and the woman was desperately needing help. A young man, stopped to help her to safety and assisted in getting her a cab. (Before he left, she did take down his information). Days later, he received a thank you. The content of the note disclosed gratitude for getting her to safety and to the bedside of her dying husband. The woman was Mrs. Nat King Cole. (While I know times are much more dangerous and we must use our common sense when putting ourselves in a harmful position, there is the ability to use modern day means of speedy communication in order to not leave someone abandoned.)

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I truly believe that every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve our selves, and/or our condition. When I was younger, I was more fearful and less patient when troubles, crisis’, or conflicts arose. As time passed, I would look back and agree that every time I went through something tiresome, bothersome, or painful, I ALWAYS came out better than before. Take the time to help someone else strengthen their faith in life. This is a lesson I truly desire for my sons (and for the world). Let us deepen our Faith!