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Monday, March 21, 2011

True Love is the 'Acception'!

Couples that keep Love True are NOT the Exception to the Rule! They Live, letting Love Rule with 'Acception'!

I wouldn't settle for anything less than true love with trust that a promise will be kept. I would trust one of proven character, than one who signs a contract of protection.

I received this explanation (below) from a very wonderfully wise blogger friend.

(Rayanne, of A LOVELY THOUGHT http://anartsideoflife.blogspot.com/)

How we distinguish covenant love from contractual love!

. Covenant is based on trust between
. Contract is based on distrust.
. Covenant is based on unlimited
. Contract is based on limited liability.
. Covenant cannot be broken if new
circumstances occur.
. Contract can be voided by mutual

"The best part of a blessed (covenant) relationship is the PEACE it brings when TRUTH is the foundation. When truth is accepted than TRUST can be built. When trust is present then we feel SECURE and STRONG. Then LOVE flourishes, and we feel at HOME and at PEACE." Anonymous

May you have true love in every day of your life! xo