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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Lights on--No hiding now!

Seriously, in "blogland", there is a continued craze, or enthusiasm, towards chandeliers. The adorning "illuminator" is endlessly captured in photos. I, as apparently everyone else, never seem to be satisfied that I've seen all that I need to see, and not another gleaming crystal, or unique design will cause me to take a second look and begin day dreaming! These are ONLY a small handful of images noting the chandeliers glory! Go ahead, INDULGE, again!

Showmanship at its best.

Dancing prism colors.

Playful,unique and colorful.

Dramatic and romantic.

Striking style mix.
Embellishing two room views. Captivating.
Unique beauty.
Gilded romance.
Well-rounded adornment.
Classic simplicity.
Embellishing nature.
Over-the-top outdoor tinsel.

Hoping that this lights up your day! xo


  1. Great photos--amazing chandeliers. My favs are the office space--chandelier and mirrored desk, now that's an inspiring work space! Also, the purple sitting room is perfection.

  2. Hello, I'm back from our mini break and trying to get back to my normal routine!! i love routine :) anyways, those wow pics are just awesome! i love that blue color in that one pic! wonder what it's called? xoxo's nancy

  3. love them all but my favorite one is the playful one, with the birds in it!!One day I want to paint a mural like the one on that barrel ceiling...just not that big. beautiful post, Shelly.

  4. Omg the blue one !!! First time Evert as I see..The one With the bords was seder and Grand is My faorite, chandeliers is beautiful,thanks for sharing..

  5. Guilty as charged ... my behind-the-scenes decorating blog is called "Dust & Chandeliers" and features both the messiness of a makeover "before" and "during," the prettiness of "after" and the glamour of chandeliers. Funny, though, I don't have any hanging in my own home.