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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grasping Style!

Style within your reach! Fashion that can be grasped! Handbags! Did I mention anything about Tuesday's posts being focused on obsessions and desires of mine? And yours? C'mon, every email update I receive from a designer, or popular boutique, features seasonal handbags to die for! Sooooo somebody (or somebodies) out there are driving this obsession to create more handbags! Right!? However.......I'm reasonable with my "addictions". I find classic vintage bags from yesterday, at "WOW" prices, that are the "sisters" of today's designs! (OK, I do have designer bags from today, too. But,I love when a precious earned dollar can be stretched.) Handbags that brighten your day, much like the sun........................ Kate Spade!

Vintage! Lemon Zest! Vintage! Mellow Yellow! Vintage! Orange Burst! Vintage! Tangy Tangerine! Vintage! Red Rush!

Handbags that are as colorful as a rainbow....................

Vintage! Rainbow Pastels! Vintage! Rainbow Bold!

Handbags that are Designer signature!

Vintage! Enid Collins of Texas! Tropicana Pineapple! Vintage! Enid Collins of Texas! Roadrunner!

Handbags that keep their sisters close by....................

Vintage! Pink Power! Vintage! Bold Pinkberry ! Kate Spade! Vintage! Classic Red! Vintage! 60's Goldrush! Kate Spade! Bay Street Metallic Quinn! Vintage! Clutching Italian Gold! Vintage! White City Chic! Vintage! Ladylike! Kate Spade! Gardiner's Bay Farrah! Kate Spade! Lemon Drop Framed Lella! And, this beauty, I had to add no matter! Isn't she 'LUSH'ious?! I gotta "hand" it to having a handbag obsession............ No one should ever be able to snap at you and say "GETTA GRIP"! If they know you well, they'll know you already do! xo


  1. Love your bags!!! I have a teal one just like your mellow yellow!! Love vintage!! Great finds,so pretty.

  2. Oooh..I love handbags, I'd buy everyone that I see if I could. And it's even better when I can find a vintage one at a great price :)) I would love this last one, its gorgeous & blue, my favourite!! My husband would just shake his head, haha!! I adore it though!! I hope you are having a great week & your day will be sweet too :) xx

  3. Hi and thanks for stopping by..what a great blog you have and what a neat post full of gorgeous eye candy..love that pink bag and the last one..both stunning! Would love to have both to add to my collection!! Gorgeous..all of them!

  4. What a fabulous collection! I love vintage handbags and have a few myself that I decorate with. I have a fabulous black purse that I actually use quite often (I have a vintage Chanel scarf tied around the handle..ooh la la!). All of these handbags look like they are in really good condition, too. I especially love the pink purses, the first pink purse pictured is my fav.
    Have a fabulous day!