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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just Thinkin'.......................!

Just thinkin'………… "How do you see me?"

In a recent conversation, focused on our household schedules vs job schedules, a neighbor of mine innocently voiced an opinion in regards to me. (She had been a stay at home mom all these years and I had been a working mom). I felt immense sadness at her remarking, “Oh, that’s right, I’m sorry, you wouldn’t understand because you’ve always been a career woman. You aren’t the domestic kind.” Due to time constraint, the conversation ended without going back over such said comment. So, my question is.....how do you see me? At work, I am concentrated on the project at hand. But, all the while, in my heart, I am more of a mom and wife than anything else! I live entirely for my family, with just barely a minute to dream, or act on the dream.

Just thinkin..........................while I love pursuing a career,

I love being a wife (with style)!
I love being a mother (stylishly)! I love gardening and cooking!
And, I love to clean and decorate!

Just thinkin'............................having a career does not cancel out domestication! And, domestication does not cancel out stylish fashion, stylish living, or pursuing big dreams! Thank God!


  1. Yes Shelley, it does make you wonder doesn't it. l too have worked all (a nurse) my adult life, but just part time... so have always felt like a fence sitter in this debate. You seem like a very family focused person, as well as having your own interests and it's all about balance isn't it.Usually the reason we work is for the benefit of family anyway. We just need to have a strong sense of self hey...

  2. Sometimes people say the damndest things.

    It really doesn't matter so much how others see you (although I can understand how a comment like that would sting). It matters who you are in your heart and whether you are living the life you want.

    I say you can be a stylish woman who works hard, creates beautifully, loves her family ... all at the same time.

  3. Yes, I agree with both of you! I find that we women, that multi-task with the focus of a well-rounded life, have already established a sense of self! However, every once in awhile, I get caught off guard, and have to re-assess my direction! Usually, I check out to be on cue. I'm so grateful to your responses of support on behalf of all of us "go-getters"!

  4. Shelly, I absolutely agree with Doreen. It matters who you are in your heart and whether you are living the life you want. Ina book that I like "Ignore everybody". wonderful pairing of words & photos! hugs to you


  5. I was also a working mom while raising my son...AND...I also did all the so-called "domestic" things when I got home. You're no less a domestic goddess whether you work or not! I think she may be jealous that she doesn't have the wonderful opportunities that you enjoy by having a career outside of the house! She needs to learn the adage...if you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all!