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Friday, April 29, 2011

It's Real!

For me, it's ALL about how they engage each other's eyes! Each time their eyes meet, they affirm their deep bond! And, I'll continue to pray for them! We need this testimony of "real" and "love"; hence, real love! I BELIEVE!

And, sooooooooo, IT BEGINS!!!

Have a beautiful weekend! xo


  1. Agree!! You can see this is true love, not an arrangment of any sort. I loved seeing the way they looked at each other, the ease and comfort they had with each other with all eyes on them...she moved with great poise. It was a beautiful thing to see! May they share a lifetime of happiness, smiles and love.

  2. Hi Shelly l couldn't agree more, surely this is a partnership that will "work". It certainly shows all the positive signs doesn't it. l sat and watched the wedding and thought she looked stunning and he was so caring walking down the aisle watching that he didn't step on her dress, at least that's what it looked like to me. l also loved your previous wedding post all the photos are divine. Thanks for the kind words re: my pastel drawing, lovely thanks. Have a wonderful weekend. Bron.