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Thursday, April 28, 2011

'LUSH' Picks!

"Casual Fridays" could never look so inviting. I love the pulled together ease of the leather heel(COACH), with the poppy drawstring pant, bangles (COACH), and COACH tote! Look out "casual Friday", I think I've got you figured out! Dressing in style with ease.......a 'LUSH' pick!

OK, I know, I use the phrase too loosely, but gosh darn it, "if you're gonna do it, do it with STYLE"! I love these HUNTER wellies in pink!If I'm out working in the garden, or just when it rains and I have errands to run or a job to get too, I want to go in Style! I have green(HUNTER), black(POLO), and Camo(Magellan), but I need these.... pink HUNTER wellies.......a 'LUSH' pick!

This is a must have to carry in your purse, keep in your office desk drawer, or at home on your vanity. E.L.F. cosmetic and beauty products are sooo affordable ($1 per item). I handle paperwork all day, then I am constantly washing my hands at home, and my cuticles get rough and dry, which makes me prone to paper cuts and hangnails. Keeping my nails and cuticles healthy and supple with one stroke..........a 'LUSH' pick!

Gentle on the eyes, and removes makeup and mascara without rubbing or tugging....Gel Delicato by Borghese! I have used this product now for at least 20 years. I now order on line, directly from Borghese, since I can no longer find it in a department store. No irritation to the eyes...........a 'LUSH' pick!

No matter what life sends your way, choose Stylishly.......I mean wisely! xo