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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just Thinkin'..............!

Just thinkin'.............down south, we are praying for rain! Eventually, we'll get rain. And, then, we'll pray for it to stop raining. Poor God!

Just thinkin'..........How we are skeptical in believing that LOVE lasts! And, how most of us want the VERY BEST LIFE for William & Kate! The world is in such need of believing in REAL love! If you were able to catch the Macy's dancers perform the tribute dance on Dancing with the Stars, last night, you would have witnessed the wish for true and everlasting love for William & Kate (HECK, for EVERYONE)!!!!

Just thinkin'..... it doesn't have to be just a Fairy Tale.
Just thinkin'........how we can be so 'in touch' with our world, and, yet sooo 'out of touch' at the same time. With a world connected, entertained, marketed, and enticed by the internet, one would believe that we actually had all knowledge and tools right at our fingertips. But, NOOOOOOOO.........take me for instance, I have web access constantly throughout the day, and, I'm STILL learning about things. Things that are not new, but new to me. Will I ever catch up? Is ANYONE ever caught up? Just thinkin'........!

Just thinkin........Mother's Day is around the corner. Such a sweet gesture to honor mothers. The story behind Mother's Day is soo special! And, while I soo appreciate the special day set aside for honoring mothers, I truly believe that "Mother's day is everyday". Some days are sooo special that even a notable Mother's Day event couldn't surpass the value or love I receive. Just thinkin', and praying, for every mother to feel special and loved EVERYDAY!

May you be thought of lovingly everyday! xo