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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A 'Couple' of Bright Ideas!

Even though I love all styles of lighting, I have a definite sweet spot for vintage, antique, or mid century lamps, ESPECIALLY if they come in pairs! There are too many choices to feature. However, I hope you enjoy the many that I have posted.

May your day be BRIGHT! xo

and visit these shops (number coordinates with the order lamps are posted).....
1. meandmrsjones
2. GreenZebre
3. frenchygal
4. restylebopshop
5. BethBoudin
6. retrosymphony
7. RetroFool
8. lotusjrk
9. UpcyclerEmporium
10. retrosymphony
11. thevintagesupplyco
12. ParisCoutureAntiques
13. justbecauseshecan
14. UniqueBirdBoutique
15. ParisCoutureAntiques
16. fabulousmess
17. duchessfare
18. OldLightingSpot
19. VetiverHome
20. EnterMix
21. Greatvintagestuff
22. ARTificialLight
23. ARTificialLight
24. Bornanoldsoul
25. precambrianman
26. Vintage925
27. DJandPvintage
28. OldLightingSpot
29. fabulousmess
30. RibbonsAndRetro


  1. I love vintage lighting as well and I absolutely adore the blue and the pink ones! Gorgeous!
    best wishes

  2. Thank you Frances. I actually am drawn to blue and pink too, but I steer away because I live amongst all men! Oh well....not to worry! Also, for some reason I have been experiencing difficulty with my links. I had to edit my post and list the etsy stores accordingly. Hope this doesn't cause too much trouble for those who wish to shop! Have a great day!

  3. Shelly what an amazing amount of research for this glorious post. Love em all. l also love the mix of both modern and vintage. Many different types l've never seen so thanks heaps for sharing. Bron.