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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just Thinkin'......!

Just thinkin'...........It's no surprise that in the heat of our summers, we yearn for a blizzard! That is, a Dairy Queen blizzard! And, now, they come in a mini size! YAY for us! Even though it is a healthy choice to buy a scaled down version of a "big-on taste" ice cream treat, the shrunken size is now a choice for more than health reasons--try rising food costs!

"Shrinking the snacks lets restaurateurs sell for less without sacrificing profitability, said Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial Inc. in Chicago. At the end of the day, they're unable to pass on the increases to consumers as higher prices, so they're downsizing meals," she said. Just thinkin'.......for once the rising cost effect may work in our favor!

Just thinkin'..........for those of us who don't know when to stop at two bites........buying a smaller version and being able to eat the WHOLE thing will possibly satisfy our mind, and our appetite! LOL!

On a serious note.....
Just thinkin'..............this image always evokes deep emotion! In their most feared moments, they will still take the time to call on Him for grace. And, then take the time after to thank Him for it too!

Repeating my Memorial Day wish--to remember those who fight, and have fought, for our freedom! xo


  1. Shelly just absolutely LOVED the American themed post, thanks for your brilliant research and for sharing these fantastic pics, they really brightened my day. Re: The American soldiers... Another Aussie soldier died in Afganistan on Tuesday (the 24th) and so many more American soldiers have died...so our prayers are much needed... My daughter is in the Australian Air Force and lives a long way from us, so we think of her and the whole war thing often...but it's worth mentioning that she loves what she does...

  2. I pray for and am grateful for your daughters service, too! I pray for you to have peace while she is far from you. We are in this together! God bless you!