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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summertime Classic Wardrobe Essentials!

If there's one word (although there's more than one, LOL) that I consistently hear when other's comment in regards to my home and fashion style choices, it's "classic". And, I favor mixing masculine and feminine elements! I believe it represents what is truly me--strong with a touch of grace. Here are several classic wardrobe essentials, from J.Crew, that work well together, or as an added touch to the other masculine/feminine pieces in your wardrobe.

Roses are a classic and the most popular flower! Well......it stands true when it comes to the Limited Edition Rampant Rose top, of Prabal Gurung, at J.Crew! Roses.... whether you grow them, or wear them..........a 'LUSH' pick!

Bows........we love them on a wrapped gift, or as a fashionable embellishment! The Limited Edition Exploding Bow blouse and dress, of Prabal Gurung, at J.Crew........a 'LUSH' pick!

A wear-with-everything style metallic leather strappy sandal, in platinum gold............a 'LUSH' pick!

Described as chic, sophisticated and very chunky............the Classic Jenna bracelet........a 'LUSH' pick!
Graceful with lasting significance describes the style of one who wears pearls. Hand knotted pearl bracelet.........................continuously a 'LUSH' pick!

I am a fan of a WELL-MADE, GREAT FITTING, FLATTERING cropped trouser, pant, or jean. And, to put the final touch of my masculine/feminine simply classic wardrobe essentials........the cropped pinstripe super 120's four season trouser.................a 'LUSH' pick!
Choose to make today a beautiful day! xo


  1. I love that Jenna bracelt, anything chunky and gold is a winner in my book and just saw that great Prabal pink bow top and its sooo pretty, what a great statement piece, love it!

  2. These are all pieces I would wear, as you can style them all so well!! I adore the first piece!! I would wear that in any color, it's just so pretty!! And one must always have some pearls around!! Wonderful picks!!! Happy friday petal!! xxx

  3. Thanks sweety for dropping by! I wished you could have done the Paris party also...you would have liked it!! Have a wonderful Holiday.
    Love, love to you !!

  4. You have great style Shelly and l agree with you in that it's classic. Love the tailored pants especially, and those bangles are fabulous.